Finalists Assignment
FHD 2020
Since your work is already in the finals of the competition, this means that we really liked your approach, logic and creativity. We are on the same wavelength and think the same way.

The goal of the finale is to slightly improve your work so that it is closer to our product being developed. You have already shown that you can think logically and make decisions independently in conditions of high uncertainty.

Therefore, we will tell you a little more about the product being developed, its goals and objectives, our thoughts on interfaces. And you already decide which of these data to use to improve your work.
Product Description

My Data — Next generation medical record.

A system for storing and processing personal medical data that will change the lives of doctors and patients.
  • It will automatically collect all the information about your health: laboratory tests, medical reports, data from smart gadgets, gadgets, anamnesis of the whole family.
  • Allows you to understand the state of your body through data, even if you are not a doctor (with the help of convenient and understandable visualization).
  • It will conduct a complex analysis of big data about your health, which saves the doctor's time and increases the accuracy of the diagnosis. Now the doctor has enough time and data.
  • Allows you to switch to online monitoring of your health, predicting its changes and predicting possible diseases.
  • Will make health control comfortable and convenient.
The system is able to accumulate information about human health from various sources, including:
  • Laboratory tests
  • Doctors' opinions
  • Gadget data (not all in a row, but only proven and reliable)
  • Subjective data from a person (symptoms and so on)
  • Anamnesis of a person and his family
Our product has the following logic blocks.
These are the vectors that we need to convey to users.

- Each block can be a separate page.
- May consist of several pages.
- Or maybe there will be several blocks on one page. It is up to you to decide, we do not limit you in this regard.
Structure of the product
Анализ данных

In this section, the system automatically finds correlations between the available data, visualizes them on a single graph and shows the accuracy of the correlation. If there is a correlation, then it is not a fact that there is a causal relationship. But this is an occasion to analyze it yourself or send a request to your doctor. The request can be sent directly from this page, indicating a specific schedule. Next, the doctor will prescribe the following steps to analyze this situation (additional tests, admission to the clinic, a telemedicine session, etc.).

This is one of the most important sections of the system. We draw some Conclusions / Assumptions based on available data. This is the value of our product relative to most existing solutions. Correlations are between different types of data. For example, between a metric from analyzes and data from gadgets.

Health Control

This section is responsible for the overall assessment of human health. Based on all available data, we determine a digital health assessment. You can express it with a number, with a color, with a range.

The user, having entered this section, sees the state in which his body as a whole is located, observes the dynamics of its change. On this page, estimates of individual parts of the body may be visible.
User Profile (Doctors vision)
This is the main page for the Physician. It contains all the most important information that the attending physician of the patient should see (key information from all sections that you should pay attention to right now, which is important now).

It is important to understand that the presentation of information for the Physician can / will be very different from the presentation for the Patient.

We assume that the Doctor gets acquainted with the information at the reception. He has limited time for admission and it is therefore important to highlight key information about human health. The doctor examines this key information in 1 minute and thus scans the entire patient.

You can work out this page for any doctor. From the point of view of ease of understanding of an ordinary person who is not immersed in medicine, we recommend taking a Therapist.

For example (just showing the logic), it may be important for him to see:

User Profile (Patient)
This is the main page for the Patient. It contains all the most important information that the user must see (key information from all sections, which you should pay attention to right now, which is important now).

The user can use this information as an independent analysis and conclusions. So for fun - just for fun, so to speak. Gamification can be used here to keep and engage the user in the process of caring for his health.

The user has the opportunity to customize this section individually for himself, collecting the necessary dashboards as a constructor (for his interests).

For example (just showing the logic), it may be important for him to see:
Whose profile is open (for this you do not need to write your full name, just an avatar and name)
Important notifications that some indicators are out of range
Reminders for upcoming appointments
Private messages from the attending physician
Notifications that new test results have arrived
Finding by the system a new probable correlation of the collected parameter values
Notification that it is time to take tests
Notification that a new drug cycle is starting
Notification that it's time to order medicine, because the old ones will end soon
General assessment of your health
Notification that a remote appointment with the doctor is planned (telemedicine)
New steps in prevention or treatment that need to be started in accordance with the treatment plan

In addition, on this page you can choose both your profile and the profile of your family members (of course, provided that they give their permission to do this). The presentation of information will not fundamentally change. The same key health information will remain.
Хранилище информации

Anamnesis data, for example: information about the development of the disease, living conditions, past illnesses, operations, injuries, pregnancies, chronic pathology, allergic reactions, heredity, etc.

Data is not only for the user, but also for the whole family (parents, ancestors).


This section stores the results of laboratory tests.

They enter the system:

  • Automatically from major laboratories
  • Manual input is available (downloading PDF from mail or downloading photos of paper analyzes), the system will automatically recognize everything and enter the data
We believe that a section must first have a minimum amount of text data, and more notifications about deviations from reference values. At the same time, it is possible to see all the indicators in the analyzes.

The data is preferably visualized in graphs to show dynamics.


This section stores the results of the following studies:

Doctors' opinions

History of receptions and conclusions of various doctors.


This section stores data from smart wearable and non-wearable gadgets. Charts, trends, dynamics.

Medical History

This section contains the entire medical history of a person.
Problems and symptoms with which the patient consults a doctor
The order may be: chronological or grouped according to some principle. We believe that in most cases, grouping on some basis greatly simplifies the interaction with the system and the search for the necessary information.

This section contains a story about the user himself. and about all family members (family history).
The history of health is non-linear. Problems are divided not only by chronology, but also by disease. Everything is clear and understandable. It can be seen what they tried to do, what helped and what didn't. When and where was at the appointments, which doctors.
Interaction with Clinics and Doctors
Choosing a doctor and clinic, appointment with a doctor

This section allows you to perform the following tasks:

Choose a suitable doctor according to a number of parameters (internal ball rating system for a specific doctor, clinic rating, user reviews, specializations, level of service, cost of admission, hours of work, etc.)
Choose a clinic (for a number of parameters)
Make an appointment with the doctor online from the system by comparing your free time on the basis of a connected personal calendar and free time with specialists)

Treatment plan

This section describes the treatment plan prescribed by the attending physician. It includes both medical treatment (medication) and non-medical treatment (for example, diets, lifestyle, restrictions and other rules).

Not only a list of recipes, but also a tool to not forget anything important. Medications are grouped by problem, which gives a more complete picture of the medical plan of action. Here, patients are informed about the dosage, instructions ("what to do"), meaning (what he is doing) and special requirements. The summary is accompanied by a timeline that helps the patient understand the sequence and caveats of his medication schedule.

Возможность удаленного взаимодействия со специалистами по средствам видео, аудио и текстовых сообщений.
Selection of medicines, prescription
Checking the availability of medicines in Pharmacies + their purchase
Schedule of medication. The doctor gives general rules about the duration of admission. The user selects a convenient time for admission, and then fixes the actual intake of medications - the system asks for confirmation of admission (the doctor can check this admission, what medications and how often the patient was taken)

Not only a list of recipes, but also a tool to not forget anything important. Medications are grouped by problem, which gives a more complete picture of the medical plan of action. Here, patients are informed about the dosage, instructions ("what to do"), meaning (what he is doing) and special requirements. The summary is accompanied by a timeline that helps the patient understand the sequence and caveats of his medication schedule.
This section shows the upcoming events to keep in mind. The system reminds you in advance of upcoming visits to the doctor (or the need to make an appointment with him), telemedicine senses, the need to take tests, enter data into the system, start taking new medicines, do not forget about taking periodic medicines, etc.

Also in this section you can connect your personal calendar. In this case, the system itself will offer the least busy days for the appointment of an event, for example, going to the doctor. And in the opposite direction will transfer events from the system to your personal calendar.

It is possible to select all the necessary upcoming events for a certain period: visit such doctors so many times, do such and such tests with such and such frequency, etc.
Visualization of the human body
In this section, we visualize the entire history of the body's health. All available data (analyzes, data from gadgets, trend, dynamics, doctor's opinions, symptoms, complaints, general assessment, etc.) are grouped into parts of the human body. A user who is not a doctor and does not particularly understand in medical terms can select the part of interest to him and obtain sets of important data.
Аннотированное сокращение активных проблем пациента. В нем представлены краткие сводки проблем с цветовой кодировкой, которые включают в себя современные лабораторные анализы и лекарства.

The purpose of this section is to show in simple form the state of a particular body system. Which are in critical condition, which are normal, and which are better than the average person.
What exactly needs to be done
Now you know how our product will look. You need to check whether all sections of our system are worked out in your work.

The following sections from the patient card should be visualized in the work:

Must have:

User Profile (Patient).
User Profile (Doctor).
Data Analysis.
Information Storage.
Interaction with clinics and doctors.

Not necessarily (but we will be happy):

Visualization of the human body.

If your work already has other sections worked out somehow, then leave them. This will also be an advantage.

Most people perceive graphic information much better than text. Therefore, we believe that it is better to draw a graph or a small infographic than to write a paragraph of text. So information is more likely to fulfill its purpose. Therefore, where it is possible and does not distort the meaning of the information, it is better to visualize the data and write an explanatory comment.

Important! This is our version of the description of the system blocks! You can imagine them in a different form, in a different sequence, with a different logic. If you saw in our descriptions what you agree with, take it to work. If you do not agree, then do as you see fit.

We see you as experts in the development of interfaces, as you have already confirmed during Stage 1 of the competition.
Until 23:59 on May 15, you need to upload the folder with your work to our Google.Drive cloud storage (the link will be sent to the manager assigned to you).

If you send earlier, we will give feedback that you can use in your work. This will increase the chances of winning.

What should be in work:

1) Presentation of your work in .PDF format (screens, your comments, description of problems, etc. What problems does the design solve, why did you decide to do that).
If you sent your work with a link to an online service, for example, Figma, now you need to save the work in .PDF (you can leave the link as an additional one).

2) Separate files all screens (in .PNG format)

3) Any additional materials that you consider useful for our assessment (video, comments, prototypes, work process)

The target audience:

We are working on the "User Profile" block for Patients and Doctors. The remaining sections can be worked out either for any audience, or for two at once (it will be an advantage in evaluating work. But this is not necessary).

Product name in the works:

Use our name "My Data".

Display Screen Resolution (Devices):

1) Web version (1200+ px)
2) Mobile version / application

Interface themes:

1) Light
2) Dark

Results should be in this format:
Any questions?
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION please leave a tag in your email #final (to speed up the process).
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